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1  Redline Series / Redline Equalizer / PDC wrong on AU version? on: January 19, 2011, 01:43:46 AM
The AU version of redline EQ seems to work at an incorrect plugin latency correction setting in reaper 3.74 on OSX, at 88k.

reaper reports the VST version at 4096 samples PDC and the AU version at 8192 samples.

the VST version sounds at least approximately in time, the AU sounds quite out.

2  Redline Series / Redline Equalizer / pops / clicks when session is at 88k on: November 22, 2009, 02:12:38 PM
I am getting pops and bangs with redline EQ when the session is at 88k in reaper.

at 44k there are no problems

it seems to depend on the input signal when it pops, its not random, it always does it in the same places, but there is nothing obviously unusual about the input signal when it happens. I first noticed it on very quiet background noise signal, but it does it on other things too.

bypassing the plugin stops the pops, but it pops even when no filters are active , as long as the eq in in the signal chain

at first i thought it might be related to the PDC bug, but the beta 1.0.3 has fixed that for me, but the pops at 88k are still there.

I guess I'll check if it happens on other daws too...

Update: it does the same thing in logic at 88k too, so its definitely the plugin not the daw...
3  Redline Series / Redline Equalizer / Re: EQ perhaps causing Latency and doesn't seem to be compensated on: November 22, 2009, 02:06:08 PM
the beta 1.0.3 has fixed the latency problem for me on Reaper

I have a clicks and pops problem with redline EQ when the session is at 88k tho...
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