Morgana is so insane, so dirty, so fried sounding... I fell head over heels for the concept.

[link]Jake Gilla

Morgana reminds me so much of the sound of the Mirage it's scary.


It's definitely one of the better emulations I have heard. I think it is great.


It's cool. It's definitely one of the better emulations I have heard. I think it is great. Most of these other bit reduction/crusher plug ins I hear are a joke.


I've just gotten Morgana and am loving it. This is the first softsynth that I'd really like to take out live.


This thing sizzles. The sound is just... so... WOW!

Dennis Ferrer

Objectivity Records
Morgana is one of the hottest VSTi's I've played with. I'm a plug-in whore and it's hard to impress me... but damn... if I didn't nearly fall out of my chair!

Dave Cooley

Silversun Pickups, J Dilla, Darker My Love, ...
This thing is bananas. Amazing. I have an SP1200, and used to have an ASR-10... Morgana gives me that kind of sound right away. Even bit reduction plugs don't do what this does. It's really going to make it easier to vibe out tracks in the computer. This is inspiring the way a good instrument inspires.


I'm really loving this. I have an archive of samples that were created for the Mirage and EPS. Much later in time, I'd try them with newer samplers, and nostalgically missed the vibe and color. Wow, I'm loading these into Morgana, and the crunch, punch, and attitude is all there. Kudos!


Morgana is GREAT. It feels way better than Battery for anything other than drums, but I could see myself throwing some perc in there. It seems to be made the way software should be. Ergonomic, intuitive and it does what it says on the tin.

Scott Stepenuck

What a fantastic product. I used to own a few Mirage samplers, and this definitely brings a smile to my face. Kudos for an excellent product.

Renan Lau Blois

I fell in love with Morgana, I always dreamed about something like this in the digital realm!


A sampler that actually samples, right on the money!!


I'm crazy about Morgana! When I first read about this VSTi a while back, I thought the idea sounded cool, but I really didn't think I'd find it useful myself. Still, I tried the demo and was sold! What I did when trying the demo was simply to load a sample, perform some quick zone editing, then play around with the preamp, the VCA and VCF envelopes and add some modulation, and... wow! Surprised! You just have to try this yourself.


I caught the fever when I picked up 112dB's Morgana VSTi which basically mimics the Mirage in many ways (8-bit sampling and playback--even the GUI looks Mirage-ish). It was so insane, so dirty, so fried sounding that I immediately fell head over heels for the concept.

Johan Royen Larsson

Studio Magazine
Morgana is not, however, limited to lofi-musicians and 8-bit fans. It's a very user-friendly and competent sampler with a distinct personality.

Jake Gilla

Morgana reminds me so much of the sound of the Mirage it's scary.


Amazing, love it! I have my Ensoniq EPS back!

dj ray

(The 10 best music software products and innovations of 2008) 112dB Morgana: A retro inspired sampler with a deliciously crunchy sound.


The idea behind this one is revolutionary. In the outside world all samplers sound their own way. In the digital realm, every sampler sounds the same. [More] soft companies should approach this type of modeling.