Cascade 1.1.7

release date: 18 October 2016

New Features

  • VST3-support
  • new LFO waveforms: 3-step, random glide and random hold
  • pre Cascade filter (for a better control over the spectral input before it enters the Cascade module)
  • new presets
  • improved delay modulation
  • 'new' command has been added to the preset menu
  • ENV2 is bipolar now (the output can be negative too)
  • real time control improvements in ENV2
  • the envelope stages of ENV2 can be edited directly in the display
  • a fifth stage has been added to ENV2

Bug Fixes

  • computer key issue in standalone version (spikes in the sound when you touched a button)

"Should be in everybody's arsenal"



'I really like the 4pole LP filter. It sounds great, juicy and 'analog'.'
'Had a lot of fun with Cascade, the sound is very unique and inspiring!'
Jonathan Kranz
'A new and different synthesis method that has its own sound.'
Johan Bejerholm
'Very interesting sounds. Great job!'
Niles Philips

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